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custom boy gift labels | 3" circles hidden custom boy gift labels | 3" circles hidden custom boy gift labels | 3" circles hidden

Item Description

custom boy gift labels | 3" circles

from $18.00

You'll love having these personalized gift labels on hand to add the perfect finishing touch to your child's gifts!


Our cute 3-inch circle gift stickers feature a design that looks just like your little one!

To create your custom gift labels, simply choose from the options to create a design that looks like your child, and let us know his name. A selection is required for each option.

Shipping Info

  Production Shipping
art prints, notepads, note cards, labels + puzzles 1-5 business days 2 - 7 days
mealtime items (plates, bowls, cups, place mats) see note 2 - 7 days


PLEASE NOTE: The manufacturer that makes plates, bowls, cups and place mats for us is currently working at 25% of capacity and experiencing occasional shutdowns due to COVID-19. As a result, these items are averaging 2 weeks for production, and some orders are taking as long as 3-4 weeks or longer for production.

Orders that include place mats ONLY (NO plates, bowls, or cups) are typically printed and shipped within 5 business days.

We're not able to offer any expedited options for mealtime items. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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